Renovations to Bango Haunted Crib

The new team took over Bango Haunted Crib, previously known as The Schaller Haunted House

Bango Haunted Crib Renovations and upgrades

The new team took over Bango Haunted Crib, previously known as The Schaller Haunted House, knowing repairs would be a high priority. As you may already know, our Halloween attraction is located inside an old popcorn crib located in Schaller, Iowa. Our first year involved many big changes. Several rooms received complete overhauls and/or updated to increase the entertainment factors for visitors. The feedback from our visitors was amazing! Scared visitors left us many great reviews on our Facebook and Google accounts. This inspired us to continue to add new and improved haunted house features.

The Chainsaw Room

Bango Haunted Crib Chainsaw Room

One of the most popular rooms in Bango Haunted Crib is the “Chainsaw Room”. 2018 saw some major changes of this room and visitors loved to hate it, once again. Once again, 2019 brought many more changes to the room. Will there be more changes for our 2020 Haunted House season? You will have to visit to find out.

The Electric chair room

Bango Haunted Crib Seance Room prop

Another popular room has always been the Electric Chair room. While there were no changes to this room in 2018, 2019 was entirely different. We moved the electric chair room to throw scare enthusiasts off and utilized the old room for a new idea. What happened to the old chainsaw room, you ask? Well, we turned it into what we now call the “Seance Room”, which is beyond creepy. A room designed to mess with your visual senses while creepy sound effects play in the background.

New Entertainment area

Bango Haunted Crib Check In

When the 2019 renovation season came around, we knew visitor comfort had to be a high priority. This is where the new check in and entertainment area came into play. This was a major transformation involving many hours of labor by the haunted house volunteer staff. Again, the reviews came back with everyone loving what the team had done! Allowing visitors to mingle with each other and even enjoy some occasional entertainment, has helped make their wait more enjoyable.

What’s new for 2020?

What repairs or modifications are in store for Bango Haunted Crib for our 2020 Haunted House season? There are some high priority structural repairs needing made to the haunted house. We are still in discussions on the best and most cost effective solutions for tackling the issues. There are also some new rooms that will be added. Of course, we cannot give you the details, as it would be a real spoiler. A little hint for one room, it has been mentioned on our Facebook page more than once. Check us out in October for some great scare fun and to see the new and exciting changes!