Welcome to the Bango Haunted Crib website!

Welcome to Bango Haunted Crib website! We have been rated as the areas scariest haunted house by our visitors for many years. In 2019, we changed our name from The Schaller Haunted House to our current name, “BANGO HAUNTED CRIB”, paying homage to Bango Popcorn. Bango Popcorn was an actual brand of popcorn, and we are located in the old popcorn plant located in Schaller. Our town has a long history in the popcorn industry and is known as the “Popcorn Capitol of the World”. We are operated, maintained and staffed entirely by volunteers, all of our profits are donated to different groups and organizations.

Why do our customers rate Bango as the “Scariest Haunted House”???

Visit us in October and see for yourself!