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Welcome to the Bango Haunted Crib website!

Welcome to Bango Haunted Crib website! We have been rated as the areas scariest haunted house by our visitors for many years. In 2019, we changed our name from The Schaller Haunted House to our current name. Bango Haunted Crib is located in an old popcorn bagging crib. Located in Schaller, Iowa, our town has a long history in the popcorn industry.

Build it and they will come

In 1987, local Schallerite, Casey Schmidt came up with the idea of building a haunted house to benefit the community. Casey, who was a local Jaycees member, worked with others to plan for the new haunted house attraction. As the Halloween season neared, many local community and Jaycees members joined him in building his vision. His motto was “build it and they will come” and to the surprise of many, they did come. To this day, Casey enjoys making time to occasionally work the haunted house.

Bango Haunted Crib Ghost Walker

a small army of volunteers

Bango Haunted Crib is entirely operated by a small army of volunteers working hard throughout the Halloween season. Most of the work actually begins earlier in the year, when plans are set into motion for upgrades and maintenance. Many long days, and even nights, are spent getting things ready for haunted house enthusiasts to visit each year. It takes 25-35 volunteers each season to provide people with the scary experiences they have come to expect when visiting. Without the hard work of many, none of this would be possible.

social media brought new enthusiasts

Social media played a new role in the promoting of the haunted house as we added a new Facebook page for Bango Haunted Crib. We sponsored many adds promoting new page and we received a great response in 2018. We have since added most popular social media services to continue our growth and popularity in the haunted house industry. We have been encouraged to add this website to further increase our growth and we are excited to see the results!