A Real Haunted House???


In the Fall of 2018, some staff members of the Bango Haunted Crib had a very interesting and unexplainable experience. It happened late one night after a long day of hard work, in preparation for the upcoming season. Four members were discussing things still needing completed when they heard a door from upstairs open and close and loud disembodied footsteps that followed. Had this been a one-time occurrence, it wouldn’t have been so bad. However, there have been many years of reported unexplainable experiences throughout the haunted house by several people.

Reaching Out For Help

This experience was so strong it inspired one skeptical staff member to contact a friend, who ran a paranormal investigation team. We wanted to make sure none of the activity was bad in nature for the safety of our many visitors.

The paranormal investigation team named CCPI, led by Seth Alne, was the first group asked to investigate. They arrived on a rainy Spring Day in 2019 to begin questioning witnesses, take a tour, and perform their investigation. One of the staff members stayed to help the CCPI team for a couple of hours to answer questions and help the team find their way. It was an experience he would never forget!

The CCPI Investigation Begins

The first room the team investigated, has been known as the Electric Chair Room for many years. The night began with a video camera battery being drained and a lady screaming through an EVP instrument. Odd things kept happening throughout the night, with much evidence captured and recorded on equipment. Loud footsteps, cell phone batteries being drained and acting weird, and a shadow figured witnessed by Seth himself. The entire CCPI team also had many personal experiences.

When asked his thoughts as to whether the crib was really haunted, Seth had this to say,

“After almost 20 years in the paranormal field, spending a night in Bango Haunted Crib was one of the craziest experiences of my life. Unbelievable paranormal activity that has stuck with me ever since. Top 5 most active location I’ve ever been.”

Seth Alne

You can watch a video of the CCPI haunted house findings below (while watching, listen and watch carefully as many things were not identified in the video):

Raven Rose Investigates The Haunted House

Creepy Bango Haunted Crib image.
Creepy Bango Haunted Crib image created by Thomas Huntzicker

The paranormal investigation team, Raven Rose Paranormal, later contacted staff members and asked permission to pay the crib a visit. Their team consisted of Roland and Cynthia Gerodias, Chris Nielson, and Taylor Boggs. Two members of their team are known intuitives. Those two members had their work cut out for them throughout the entire two-day investigation. Also, joining them was Thomas Huntzicker of Brilliant Sanity Studios. Thomas has been working on a paranormal documentary project.

Activity began happening before the Raven Rose team even began their official investigation. As they were being given a tour, a member of the Bango Haunted Crib staff, and a Raven team member had experiences in the popular maze area, of which there was no explanation. Keep in mind, this happened while there was still daylight, and all lights were on.

Third Floor Access Was No Disappointment

The Raven Rose Paranormal team was the first to be given access to the normally closed off third floor. Over the years there have been many claims of activity in this area of the building. One such claim has been of a rocking chair that would rock all by itself. As their investigation proceeded, they quickly began to realize there was indeed a higher level of activity in this area of the building.

Bango Haunted Crib third floor
A rare look into the haunted third floor of Bango Haunted Crib haunted house.

Their findings? Many EVP’s were caught along with several odd unexplainable happenings, including loud disembodied footsteps and many personal experiences. They have since been back for follow-up investigations, to which they have had no disappointment.

When asked, the Raven Rose Paranormal team shared these thoughts:

“The data gives a really strong case that there is a presence in Bango. From the little girl, Issa, in the chain saw room, the disembodied footsteps on the third floor, the voice of a woman in the maze area. To me it is compelling. I don’t think the spirits are malevolent in any way as I have experienced. But more like a curious part of the Bango family. We can’t wait to delve deeper and gain more back story if they wish to speak to us about it. If given the question is Bango haunted? I can honestly say there is a strong presence that haunts the place.”

Roland Gerodias

“In my opinion, our investigations gave us some great data and my abilities allowed me to communicate with a couple spirits. I believe there is something definitely Paranormal there.”

Cynthia Gerodias

“Bango Haunted Crib has a long history in the community, such deep ties to the area make it more likely to be a beacon to local spirits. Our experiences and investigations as a team, and as individuals there have yielded a substantial amount of data that would support that the Bango Haunted Crib is indeed haunted.”

Taylor Boggs

“Between the data gathered and the spirits that I saw with my own eyes there is no doubt, for me personally, that there are a few resident spirits at Bango’s Haunted Crib.”

Chris Nielson

Their video from their investigation can be seen below:

Throughout the 2019 haunted house season, many members had unexplainable experiences. Some members had the hair pulled on their masks, something pulling on their costumes, and one member even saw a person peak around the corner (nobody was there upon checking). Probably the most bizarre experience, from 2019, was when three members witnessed the head of a prop rotate back and forth while visitors were still in that room. This experience ended with one younger actor running all the way out of the building.