Haunted Link Exchange

Do you have a haunt or haunted house attraction and want to swap links?

Just place the following banner on your page and let us know, via our contact form, what the verification url is to our banner and provide us with your banner code so we can provide a link back. Please do allow a few days for a response, as we are operated entirely by a volunteer staff. Bango Haunted Crib staff believes in helping others and growing our small niche community.

Bango Haunted Crib Haunted House Attraction

Copy the code below and paste it into you page:

<a href="https://bangohauntedcrib.com"><img title="Bango Haunted Crib Haunted House" src="https://bangohauntedcrib.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Bango-Haunted-Crib-Haunted-Link-Banner.jpg" alt="Bango Haunted Crib Haunted House" height="140" width="500" border="0"></a>

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