Haunted House Supports small Iowa Community

Giving back to our community has always played a huge factor in our haunted house operations.

Our Haunted House operation works hard to give back to our community

Giving back to our community has always played a huge factor in our haunted house operations. From its inception, Bango Haunted Crib has always been about giving back. Currently, our local Schaller, Iowa Fire Department is building a much needed addition onto our community fire station. This comes with a large price tag to build the new addition with most of the money being donated by local community members.

Donating to our fire department

Many local volunteer fire department members serve on the board of Bango Haunted Crib and also work as volunteers during our season. As members of our fire department, we believe in giving back and supporting our small community. This is why we have been devoting ALL of our profits toward building the much needed addition for our fire station.

Haunted House Donation to Fire Department

2018 was a huge season for us, with a drastic increase in the number of visitors to our haunted house, compared to recent previous years. After operational expenses, we were able to donate a whopping $7,000 to the Schaller Fire Department.

The 2019 season, although our visitor numbers were down slightly from 2018, was also a fantastic year. This will allow us to donate several thousand dollars once again. These numbers are still being figured as not all operational bills have been submitted from 2019.

Supporting our local food pantry

Schaller, Iowa Food Pantry

In addition to helping our local Schaller Fire Department, the Bango Haunted Crib board decided, part way through our season, to run a promotion to help stock the shelves of our local Blessing Box.

Blessing Box is the name given to our local Food Pantry, which is ran the St. Paul Lutheran Church. The promotion was a huge help and we currently have plans to continue running this promotion in the coming years. We hope you will make plans to attend our haunted house this year so we can all work together to give back to our local small community.

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Author: Bango Clown

Bango Clown is the scary Bango Haunted Crib fictitious author entity and is for our haunted house mascot. He is one of the scary actors you will find hiding within the haunted house most nights.