The new Bango Haunted Crib Haunted House Website

Bango Haunted Crib Haunted House Website

Each year Bango Haunted Crib has added to our reach by using various online resources, such as popular social media platforms. This year, the haunted house board decided we needed a website to increase our potential market reach.

Bango Haunted Crib Monsters at scary haunted house
Bango Haunted Crib Monster actors at our scary haunted house.

We began our market expansion with our facebook page. You can find the most up-to-date information on Bango Haunted Crib activities on our facebook. We were amazed at the huge response we received and focused a great deal of resources to facebook with posts and advertising.

Snapchat was later added and provided a strong connection with the younger crowd and even many older people. This past year we even added our own filter which was popular with many visitors. We saved many of the snapchats and even added them into videos produced for our haunted house. You can view one of the videos below.

This past year we added Instagram (, Twitter (, and Pinterest ( accounts to our network of social media applications. We hope all of these new social media additions will help us reach many new haunted house enthusiasts.

A huge addition to our growing network, was getting listed on Iowa Haunted Houses. Haunted house enthusiasts can find event locations all across Iowa, and we are on that list. This listing came late in our 2019 season and we plan to continue our listing. Visitors can now help us grow with their “Rate our Haunt” rating system, linked below.

Iowa Haunted Houses

One thing we take great pride in, is helping our local Schaller, Iowa community projects with our profits. For the past two years, our profits have gone to help build the new addition onto our Schaller Community Fire Station. We expect to continue donating our profits toward the fire station addition for the next few years. In 2019 we also ran promotions for our local Blessing Box, which is our local food pantry.

We are ran and staffed entirely from the volunteer efforts of many giving up long hours to help with renovations and building maintenance. Later, those volunteers become our scary monsters with 25-35 actors showing up every night. Obviously, the more actors we are staffed with, the better the experience for everyone. Many of us have worked the haunted house for many years. We have taken what we have learned and work hard to teach new actors the art of scaring. All this experience and dedication has helped us to be rated as the scariest haunted house by our visitors.

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Author: Bango Clown

Bango Clown is the scary Bango Haunted Crib fictitious author entity and is for our haunted house mascot. He is one of the scary actors you will find hiding within the haunted house most nights.

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